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Frankfurt as a location

Measured by population and area, Frankfurt am Main is the smallest of the five major German cities. But:

  • Frankfurt has the highest economic power of all German cities and in European terms is at fourth place after London, Brussels and Paris. (Frankfurt: 83,176 Euro GDP per capita/working population. Berlin: 51,090 Euro.)
  • Frankfurt has the highest employment density of all large German cities (906 jobs per 1,000 inhabitants (Berlin: 455).
  • Frankfurt is the most international of all major German cities. 27 % of the population, 15 % of persons employed and 14 % of the companies originate from outside Germany.
  • Frankfurt is the headquarters of the European Central Bank and the Deutsche Bundesbank. Over 330 financial institutions, including 200 from abroad, have a branch here.
  • Two thirds of the trading done on Germany's stock exchanges takes places at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. After New York, London and Tokyo, it is the fourth largest in the world.
  • With 53 million passengers per annum and 1,300 takeoffs and landings daily, Frankfurt Airport is the third largest in Europe and the eighth largest in the world. With 70,000 employees, it is the largest employer in Germany.
  • With some 1,800 trains and 350,000 passengers daily, Frankfurt has the most significant railway station in Europe.
  • Annually, there are some 50 trade fairs in Frankfurt with a total of 47,000 exhibitors and some 2 million visitors. With a turnover of 400 million Euro, Messe Frankfurt GmbH is the largest company of its type in the world that owns its own exhibition site.

Frankfurt bei Nacht
Photo: photocase.de
Richard Schneider über Frankfurt:
"What I love are the economic dynamics and internationality of the city. Companies in Frankfurt are dependent upon translators and know what professional translations are worth.
     But the demands set on the translation companies are also correspondingly high. Whoever wants to work here supplying business professionals needs to be good, fast, flexible and always available.
     I was not born here but already lived here for one year in the mid-eighties and returned ten years thereafter. Frankfurt has permanently developed over the last decades and indeed in a way that has been very positive.
     Frankfurt is turbo-capitalism conjoined with a libertarian mentality that is cosmopolitan and tolerant. An environment where you can live well and where translators have a lot to do."