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Your benefits

Why should you choose us?

Quality is our watchword
Less than five percent of all German and only three translation companies in Frankfurt fulfil the strict quality requirements of the European standard DIN EN 15038 for translation standards. Schneider Frankfurt is one of these. The success of our efforts is confirmed by a complaints quota of less than one percent.

We agree upon fixed rates
As a client, you will want to know the costs involved in advance, which is why we agree upon fixed rates in advance as a matter of principle. Prior to placing an order with us, you will know precisely what amount will be on the invoice, down to the last cent. This provides a transparent and reliable costing model without any surprises.

We know the business

Richard Schneider, the proprietor of Schneider Frankfurt, studied translation. The daily-updated news portal operated by him (
www.uepo.de) is seen as the prime daily news source within the translation profession and is deemed to be obligatory reading for all insiders.

We are there for you
We are available for you on Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and
if required beyond that, because outside these times the company telephone is redirected to the proprietor's mobile telephone. This means that you can always find help when you need it.

Make Schneider Frankfurt your one stop solution! 

Hochhaus Westendstraße 1
Right at the midst of the city, this 208 metre high skyscraper stands diagonally opposite our location

At the reception area of our office building, you can hand over documents for us on a 24/7 basis